The Latest Press Hits and Mentions for ARC

Additive Manufacturing in Launch Vehicles

August 30th, 2018  

Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing, as it is commonly known, is a technology that is being more and more used in manufacturing across many industries. The space industry is no exception, and slowly companies are embracing this technology in innovative ways to gain a competitive advantage. The space industry needs a small number of highly customized parts to be manufactured and AM lends itself to do exactly that.

The Best Advice for Student Founders From Student Founders

August 21st, 2018  

It’s back to school time, founders! We can just smell the new books and excitement as students get ready for a new year.

Why are we so excited about the new school year? Because we know that for some ambitious young people out there, this will be the year they start a company, inspired by some new problem that they see or learn about at school. It means new students at the proliferating entrepreneurial programs at universities around the world. It means more smart startups from more smart entrepreneurs - and we’ve gotta love that.

Printing the next generation of rocket engines

June 25th, 2018  

New technologies, when first introduced, often get applied in traditional ways. For the last several years, aerospace companies have been examining ways to use additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, to aid the production of rocket engines. A prime example of this is Aerojet Rocketdyne, which has been working on printing components of its venerable RL10 engine. In early June, the company announced that a printed copper thrust chamber successfully completed a series of hotfire tests.

Additive Rocket Corporation is Revolutionizing Aerospace Manufacturing With 3D-Printing Software

June 18th, 2018  

In his address before Congress on May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy tasked the nation’s brightest minds with a groundbreaking scientific mission: to land a man on the moon. For many, space exploration seemed an unattainable fantasy, but against the backdrop of Cold War tensions, Kennedy urged the mission forward.

BISTalk Radio - Kyle Adriany

May 29th, 2018  

Kyle Adriany, Co-Founder & CTO, Additive Rocket Corporation (ARC) joins Bob to discuss how his company, the Additive Rocket Corporation, rapidly designs, manufactures, and tests advanced thrust chambers. The company was founded to revolutionize space propulsion, with the ultimate goal of enhancing space development and exploration for the benefit of all humankind.

Manufacturing Rocket Engines Using 3D Printing

May 24th, 2018  

Technological advances have opened up a wide range of propulsion options for satellites, but companies developing those systems don’t expect a single approach to become dominant.

During a panel session at the Space Tech Expo conference here May 23, executives with several propulsion startups said that the demands for propulsion that can meet mass, volume and power constraints of small satellites were helping drive innovation in this field.

Manufacturing Rocket Engines Using 3D Printing

May 22nd, 2018  

Additive Rocket Corporation, (ARC Engines) is a manufacturer and designer of rocket engines and propulsion systems for launch vehicles and satellites. The company utilizes 3D printing and design floor additive manufacturing to optimize and enhance the performance of these propulsion systems.

Newt Gingrich: A glimpse of America’s future in space in 2024

April 22nd, 2018  

Two historic events happened this past week that will lay the groundwork for the future of American space exploration.

First, after a close vote in the Senate, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Okla. – a former Navy combat pilot – was confirmed as the new head of NASA. I am confident he will be a strong leader in space exploration as we begin a new era of innovation, technological advancement and limitless exploration.

3D printing technology pushes deeper into manufacturing, enabling more complex products

October 6th, 2017  

Today, 3D printing is probably associated most with research labs and do-it-yourselfers, who use the machines to produce prototypes of their creations one thin layer at a time.

But a new generation of sophisticated 3D printers are increasingly pushing their way into manufacturing plants. Proponents of the technology contend its speed and ability to produce geometrically complex designs hold the promise of upending the way things are made — enabling better products and mass customization on the factory floor.

Case Study: Additive Rocket Corporation (ARC)

October, 2017  

ARC, a San Diego-based start-up, is currently in Adelaide as part of the first ever Australian Techstars cohort.

Founded in 2015 by Chief Executive Officer Andy Kieatiwong and Chief Technology Officer Kyle Adriany, ARC has developed innovative technology which can create 3D-printed metal rocket engines in a tenth of the time and at half the cost of traditional methods.

How Elon Musk inspired 23-year-old Andy Kieatiwong to 3D-print rocket engines

September 26th, 2017  

"When I was just four years old I watched Star Wars: A New Hope and I knew since then I wanted to build spaceships and rockets when I grew up and really push the boundaries of space," says Andy Kieatiwong.

Kieatiwong is not the first kid to have these sort of dreams but he's turned them into reality with his start-up Additive Rocket Corporation, following in the foot steps of tech mogul Elon Musk.

Starting a business out of your dorm room? Contrary Capital wants to invest in you

September 21st, 2017  

A new university-focused venture capital firm launched Monday with plans to invest in Triangle startups.

Founded by 25-year-old Eric Tarczynski, Contrary Capital works with a team of more than 100 students investors at campuses including Duke University to identify promising student entrepreneurs. The firm has representatives at more than 40 colleges across the U.S. and plans to invest between $50,000 and $200,000 in student businesses. Its advisory board includes Martin Eberhard, co-founder and former CEO of Tesla Motors; Ann Winblad, co-founder and managing director of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners; and Daniel Macklin, co-found of SoFi.

This 25-Year-Old Just Launched A University-Focused VC Firm Out Of A Rental Car

September 18th, 2017  

As students went back to college in the fall of 2016, Eric Tarczynski started a road trip to visit 55 schools. At some, he'd ask to sleep on a spare couch; more often, he'd spend the night in the back seat of his rental car. Each stop had one purpose: to meet with the most connected students on each campus for entrepreneurship, and sign them on to work for a new type of venture capital firm.

Ten startups for Techstars Adelaide program

July 25th, 2017  

Last week, Saab Australia released a report saying ten defence-tech startups have been selected for the new Techstars Adelaide program which Saab Australia is a founding industry partner.

Prime to develop scalable solutions with start-ups

July 20th, 2017  

Aerospace and defence specialist Boeing Defence Australia is one of the primes collaborating with Techstars Adelaide’s global accelerator program to work on a wide range of defence and security related technologies with 10 start-ups.

As reported on Defence Connect, Techstars Adelaide, which is part of the Techstars Worldwide Entrepreneur Network, has selected four Adelaide start-ups, one Melbourne, one Brisbane start-up and four overseas start-ups for its 13-week intensive program.

Techstars Adelaide supports Defence start ups

July 18th, 2017  

Techstars Adelaide, the first Techstars accelerator in Asia-Pacific has launched its 13-week intensive program in which 10 startups from different parts of the world will gain access to high profile mentors, the Techstars global network, a newly renovated work space in the Adelaide CBD and a cash investment of up to US$120,000 in their companies.

Building Rockets, Building Careers with Andy Kieatiwong

June 13th, 2017  

Andy Kieatiwong shares his journey from student to CEO. As the founder and CEO of the Additive Rocket Corporation, he leads a team that leverages 3D metal printing to create reliable and affordable propulsion solutions for space exploration. He speaks with a group of high school seniors about the field of aerospace engineering as well as how to leverage your college experience to find your ideal career.

Several start-up events on tap, showcasing San Diego as hub for entrepreneurs

June 14th, 2017  

Nine young companies will pitch Qualcomm Ventures on Thursday for a shot at up to $225,000 as part of the first SeismicSD competition – one of several events highlighting San Diego’s prowess as a hub for start-up companies on tap this month.

SeismicSD is taking place in conjunction with the San Diego Venture Group’s annual Cool Companies start-up showcase at The Music Box in Little Italy. The contest begins just before 37 local Cool Companies start-ups demonstrate their technology to more than 130 venture capitalists from San Diego, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and elsewhere.

Campus Entrepreneurs Cash Out In $300,000 Startup Competition

June 14th, 2017  

Nine teams of UC San Diego students, researchers and entrepreneurs collectively won $300,000 at the Entrepreneur Challenge startup competition on Tuesday, May 30 at Qualcomm, Inc.’s Sorrento Valley headquarters. The challenge was separated into three categories: “High Tech,” “Life Tech,” and “Clean Tech.”

Lawmakers visit UCSD, announce new bills

November 10th, 2015  

The burden of student debt and its stifling effect on entrepreneurism in the Millennial generation were among the topics of discussion when two Congress members met students on a tour of UC San Diego and announced new legislation Tuesday.

“What we’ve learned is that student loan debt is really affecting a whole generation,” said Eric Swalwell, D-Hayward, who has been touring college and university campuses across the country as a member of the congressional Future Forum.

8 UK university startups among 40 firms to join exclusive Founder.org cohort

June 3rd, 2015  

Michael Baum, the founding CEO of $5 billion (£3.3 billion) big data pioneer Splunk, is backing eight UK university spinout companies through his Founder.org programme.

The startups, among 40 announced today as the Founder.org class of 2016, will receive up to $100,000 (around £70,000) and embark on a company building program designed to create a foundation for "startup hyper growth".